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Release Date

November 13, 2022


Music for videogame

I was invited to participate in the Game Jam Createc ’22, which took place in Ibiza, Spain. Is it poissible to create a whole game In just 48 hours, between people who never met before?

To answer this question,  I joined an amazing team with: Ian Dorado (programming), Matthieu Le Page (3D art), and Juan Carlos Leao (character design). My goal was to compose the music and sound fx. I used traditional local folkloric riffs and instruments, giving them an electronic blend with the help of some vsts.

Game poster

“Juancho is in a rush: a dangerous volcano has erupted and its lava is covering everything in its path. In order not to become a roasted long-tail, our hero will have to run as fast as he can. On his way, he will go through a cave full of obstacles, he will come face to face with the threats of the forest, and finally he will have to avoid obstacles on his way along the beach. His hyper-secret weapon: jump, jump, jump.”