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Audio / Music / Sound Design

Love for free / Acts of Liberation

Audio / Music / Sound Design

Rapid Claims / Yash Desai

Composition / Music /

GSMA / welovemartha

Music / Sound Design


Composition / Music / Production /

Ásatr​ú​’s prayer

Composition / Music / Podcast / Production /

Na Slovensku Aj Po Anglicky

Audio / Production / Video /

Pitter-Patter / Carol Robinson

Composition / Music / Production / Video /

El trono vacante

Arrangement / Composition / Music / Production / Video /

The frozen oasis

Arrangement / Composition / Graphic Design / Music / Production / Video /

Les choses qui doivent être dites

Audio / Composition / Graphic Design / Music / Poster / Production / Video /


Album / Album Art / Composition / Development / Graphic Design / Music / Photo Retouch / Production / Video / Website /

Wind bird on the tree

Audio / Composition / Music / Short movie /

The Art of Štiavnica

Composition / Music / Videogame

Juancho no se rostizará en Ibiza

Composition / Music / Podcast /

Lost Shaman

Composition / Music / Theatre /

🏆 American Emperor

Composition / Music / Theatre /

🥇 The Pastoral Symphony

Audio / Composition / Music /

The History of Štiavnica

Album / Album Art / Graphic Design / Music /

🏆 Lista para ir

Composition / Music / Production / Video /

In Astral Reticles

Arrangement / Music /

Maithuna Collective

Composition / Music / Production / Video /

Seven Seas

Album / Album Art / Composition / Graphic Design / Music /

🥇 The Future Sound of Slovakia

Album Art / Composition / Graphic Design / Music / Production /

Dissolved dreams in a cougar’s sight

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Art Power

LINEA1 is deeply devoted to the art of sound, and proud to offer a comprehensive range of services meticulously tailored to meet the diverse requirements of the entertainment industry. My specialization lies in crafting music for a variety of mediums, spanning theatre, performances, films, podcasts, short movies, video games, apps, and commercials.

Original Music

I excel at creating entirely unique musical compositions that harmonize flawlessly with the distinct narrative and emotional needs of your project. With an extensive knowledge of a wide array of musical genres and styles, I ensure the ability to cater to a broad spectrum of creative visions.

Sound Design

Sound is an integral component of any visual medium, and I have a knack for constructing immersive soundscapes that breathe life into your project. Whether it's subtle ambient sounds or intricate sound effects, I meticulously design every auditory detail.

Audio Production

My comprehensive audio production services encompass all aspects, including recording, mixing, and mastering. I guarantee that the final audio product adheres to the highest quality standards in the industry, thereby elevating your project's overall auditory experience.

Cross-Media Expertise

I'm well aware of the unique demands presented by different media platforms. Whether it involves crafting a captivating podcast introduction, composing music for a video game, or devising a catchy jingle for a commercial, I am endowed with the versatility and creative prowess to excel in each domain.

Collaborative Approach

Collaboration is at the very core of my creative process. I work closely with you, the director, producer, or content creator, to gain a deep understanding of your vision and objectives. Your input is invaluable to me as I tirelessly strive to create music that profoundly resonates with your audience and magnifies the impact of your storytelling.


I firmly believe in a bespoke approach to music creation. Every project I undertake is distinct, and I tailor my services to align precisely with your unique needs, guaranteeing that the music and sound I provide are a perfect match for your project.

Timely Delivery

I fully grasp the significance of meeting deadlines in the entertainment industry. I'm wholeheartedly committed to delivering top-notch music and sound promptly, ensuring that your project remains on track.

Emotional Impact

My ultimate aim is to evoke profound emotional responses from your audience through my music and sound. Whether it's stirring suspense, unbridled joy, nostalgic reverie, or any other emotion, I possess the expertise and tools required to make it happen.

Sonic Excellence

My expertise in music creation for the performing arts and theater plays has earned me prestigious awards and nominations for Slovak national prizes, celebrating excellence in crafting evocative soundscapes that enrich the theatrical experience.

Client Satisfaction

Ultimately, my success is measured by your satisfaction. I ardently strive to surpass your expectations, creating indelible auditory experiences that etch a lasting impression in the minds of your audience.

Pleased to e-meet you

I am Cristian Estrella, an octopus born in Buenos Aires and currently based in Europe. I love to explore the interplay between different areas of communication: music, video editing, radio, graphic design and the beauty of nature. I have a true passion for interconnecting, working closely with other colleagues involved in creative projects - examples being a band, a t-shirt company, a record label, and online radio. I am excited by the possibilities of constant change and development, research and tools. My priority and end goal is always quality within cooperation.

Sound Designer / Music Composer / Journalist / Photo Editor / Audio & Video Streaming / Radio Presenter / Video Editor
Ableton Live / Photoshop / Illustrator / Premiere / mimoLive / Office / WordPress / Azuracast...
Fluent Spanish (native) / English / Slovak A2 / Catalá (beginner) / French (beginner)
Music production / Music composition / Radio production / Magazines production and direction / Graphic and web Design / Product design / DJ / VJ / Events production / Content management
• 3 FOMECA Radio Awards for LIMBO (2015) + Babilonia (2016) + UEUEI! (2016)
Dosky Award with Divadlo Pôtoň for "Americký Cisár" as Best Theatre Play of the season (2019)
• Nominated to the Slovak Dosky Award for Best Music in the play "Pastierska Symfónia" (2020)
• Nominated to the Slovak RadioHead Award as the best world music album "Earth" (Ivana Mer, 2022)
• Selected to integrate the project Polar Sounds, Oxford, UK, (2022)
"Nomadways", Brivezac, France / "Divadlo Pôtoň", Bátovce, Slovakia / "Federacja Mazowia", Warsaw, Poland / "Atelier Melusine", La Trimouille, France / "Collective Power", Brivezac, France / "Can Yes Wow", Ibiza, Spain / "Divadlo Z Pasáže", Banská Bystrica, Slovakia / "Les granges à Plumes" La Graulière, Saint-Yrieix-sous-Aixe, Limoges, France / "Espai Escènic Iago Pericot - Ca n’Humet", El Masnou, Catalunya / "Periférne Centrá", Dúbravica, Slovakia / "Le Vieux Château", Vicq-sur-Breuilh, Limousin, France

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for all your music and sound needs across diverse media platforms. I bring creativity, expertise, and an unwavering passion for storytelling to every project.
I guarantee that your audience will be spellbound, your vision realized, and a lasting impression made as we embark together on a creative journey, harnessing the transformative power of sound to elevate your projects.

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pines puerco porque puercoespín

Cristian is a highly talented and skilled sound designer. My experience with him was as easy and smooth flowing as it can get! His attention to details and creative outlook on sound added a great value to my final product. I’d highly recommend Cristian to anyone that is in need of an awesome sound designer!


"Working with Cristian has been easy going and highly rewarding. Great work on such a tight deadline! "


"Everyone feels they can handle communication problems. The truth is, detail, skill, and extra creativity are ALL- IMPORTANT. That's when LINEA1 showed their superiority. Being on the other side of the globe made no difference at all, either; communication was swift, agile, and precise. The outcome was A1!"


"Once again, thank you for your great work! It is always a pleasure to work with you. I love how everything flows, professionally and humanely. As always the results are great."


"Discovering Cristian's music is a gift for my ears. His captivating melodies and profound lyrics leave me speechless. Cristian's unique talent in independent music gives me hope for his prosperous future. I'm privileged to follow his growth as an artist. A pleasure to support him."


"Brilliant, super creative and delivered such great music. I asked LINEA1 to do two songs for me based on Filipino tribal music, and Cristian did his research and went above and beyond incorporating the style and sound I asked for. A pleasure to work with, and a real creative spirit!"


"We were pressed and pessimistic with our project, but LINEA1 changed completely everything. The best choice! Great creativity, composing and thinking - all in one. BIG THANKS!"


"Working with LINEA1 was an ease! Cristian is observant, creative and just 'gets' what you want to do. I would highly recommend his studio, you will be working with a top and independent talent!"


"Cristian was in charge of co-sound design and co-compositions for the play Americký Cisár. He worked with the actors and did an interesting job digitalizing their voices. The extraordinary good professional and personal experience has persuaded us to invite him to another cooperation."


"LINEA1 with its attentive, fresh and creative look managed to capture the essence of Allkünoir in image and design. We are very grateful!"

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