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Mira Tus Manos


Slovak Folklore Remixed Album

The seed of this album appeared 123 km from Bratislava and 11,814 km from Buenos Aires, in Bátovce, a small town in the Nitra region. It was in 2019, during the composition of the music for “Pastierska Symfónia”, the theater play of the Divadlo Pôtoň company inspired by Liptov folklore. That experience opened the doors to an unknown and fascinating world.

These are remixes that are only intended to be a respectful personal look that invites you to dance and establishes a link with the new generations and audiences from other countries.

I made also the graphic design, the video edition of the teaser and the live stream during the premiere.


Fond Na Podporu Umenia, Slovakia

Album Art


Album Teaser

Premiere live at Slovenský Kultúrny Spolok

Introducing the concept during [fjúžn] festival